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Kunsulu Shayakhmetova

Kunsulu Shayakhmetova

Date of Birth
20.02.1978 (46), Tauagash village

Zodiac sign

The constant craving for art is what distinguishes a natural artist from ordinary people. Kunsulu Shayakhmetova had been working hard since her early years, which allowed her to achieve considerable heights in the future. She literally moved step by step from one role to another, multiplying and honing her acting skills.

Creative path

Shayakhmetova has always dreamed about the stage and theater and the first step to the realization of the goal was entering the Kazakh State Theatre and Art Institute named after T. Zhurgenov in the period 1995-1999.

As a student, Kunsulu was very active, tried her hand in various fields and worked as an announcer for "Kazak Radio". Her rich experience brought her the position of a presenter in the musical program "Tansholpan", which was aired on "Qazaqstan" TV channel. Immediately after graduation, she joined the troupe of Musrepov TUZ, where she worked for 10 years.

Today she is a member of the creative team of the Auezov State Academic Drama Theatre, where she can be seen in performances:

  • "Blue Taxi" (played by Mariam),
  • "Karagose" (old lady)
  • "Dashing Year" (mother) and others.

Kunsulu Shayakhmetova: family life

Married, have children. But she doesn't advertise her backstage life.


Interesting facts:

  1. Repeatedly became a laureate and winner of various competitions - one of the most popular "Best female image" at the International Theatre Festival in 2007.
  2. She has received awards from the Government of Kazakhstan.
  3. Currently a TV presenter on "Balapan" channel, often holds official concerts.