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Talgat Kenzhebulatov

Talgat Kenzhebulatov

Date of Birth
26.03.1987 (37), Kokshetau, Kazakhstan

actor, singer.

At the sign of the zodiac
The Aries.


Before becoming a popular singer, Kental managed to work as a manager, bartender, and even a loader, but his love for music took its toll and in 2006 he took part in the life-changing project.

The popularity gained during the show after its end quickly went down, but Kental was not the kind of person who gave up his dream. He tried his hand at X-Factor and won the 5th place in the Factor X-Treme and Star Wars: Star Band competitions.

Kental's imposing appearance was very suitable for cinema screens and Talgat started to try himself as an actor. He starred in "Gashyk Zhurek 3", "Return", "Janym" and "Deadly Kiss".

Musical career also went up in the mountains. Kental song writes himself, in general, in creative terms, it can be called a "master of all hands", because he can make arrangements, write a script, edit the clip, to compose music, in short, do what a couple requires a team of professionals.

Now Kental is trying to develop more as a composer. His arsenal of over 30 songs, 4 of which have become hits, is:

  1. "Dalida."
  2. "Kudagi."
  3. "Perizat."
  4. "Cosmos".

You can hear them not only on the radio but also in life. The Kental gives concerts often, many of them are charity events.

Personal life

Kental is not married, but at social parties, he appears in the society of a young girl, only her name, as well as details of the relationship he does not disclose.


Interesting facts:

  1. In the series, "Janym" Kental played with his mother.