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Erbolat Kudaibergenov

Erbolat Kudaibergenov

Date of Birth
11.01.1982 (42), Karaganda

Zodiac sign

The singer was born in the coal capital of Kazakhstan, at an early age together with his family, parents of Erbolat Honored Artists, moved to Almaty, and then to Taldykorgan. Till 5th class he studied at music school, then entered music and art colleges, but did not finish them. The rebellious spirit of Yerbolat threw him in search of himself, who stopped at music.

Success came in 2007 when he began to cooperate with Askar Urazbaev, then Yerbolat began to give away one hit after another. Erbolat Kudaibergenov sang the song "Boygetken" before "Gigitter". It hit the charts, and the next Erbol songs just blew them up.

Erbolat Kudaibergenov himself describes his songs as brutally patriotic. They are really filled with love for their homeland and belligerent spirit, just like the character of the artist. In general, Erbolat likes to periodically "shake up" the audience with shocking behavior, as it was on "MuzZone 2009" when he left the concert without performing.

In his works Erbolat often refers to M. Makatayev's poems, valuing it for its simplicity. At the same time, he himself writes music and words to his tracks. The artist plans to go on a foreign stage, for this he recorded a Russian-language album. Also, Erbol sings in duets with local stars, shoots clips and performs. Tickets for Erbolat Kudaibergenov's concert are sold out in a few days. He's not going to stop there, so he promises to please his fans with even more incendiary hits.

The Erbolat Kudaibergenov: Personal Life

The wife of Erbolat Kudaibergenova Gauhar. The spouses raise a son Salavat and daughter Anel.

Interesting facts

  1. "Me Kazakpin" was played in the Asian Games in 2011.
  2. Children of Yerbolat, like their dad, do vocals.