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Eldana Forayes

Eldana Forayes

Date of Birth
03.08.1995 (28), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Real name
Eldana Elmurzaevna Satybaldieva.

Who by sign of zodiac

video blogger

Eldana FourEyes is a blogger of Instagram and YouTube, known for her short vines on life themes, parodying show programs, mocking stereotypes and prejudices of modern society.

Creative Way

She graduated from the Kyrgyz-Turkish Lyceum in Bishkek, Taylor University in Malaysia (Faculty of Mass Communications and Advertising). After studying, she moved to Kazakhstan. Participated in KVN games with the team "Asia Mix".

In 2014, the first among Kazakh bloggers began shooting 15-second videos - sketches of student life in another country. She created several thematic images - glamorous beauty Al, macho Ernesto, Black Pirate, Officer Forice.

She has over 380,000 subscribers on YouTube channel, and almost a million subscribers in installations.

She has starred in several video clips on the songs "Boris" (May Tumor, 2017), "To You" (Hakuna Matata, 2017), "Pinch" (Yans, 2018). The last composition aroused great interest not only among teenagers, but also among adult subscribers, as it addresses an important issue for eastern women - the problem of second wives and lovers.

He is a volunteer, an active environmentalist and advocates separate waste collection. Plays guitar and keys, is fond of yoga and card tricks.

Eldana Forayes: family life

The girl's father is Elmurza Satybaldiyev, former prosecutor general, adviser to the President and president of the Kyrgyz Volleyball Federation. They are divorced from Gulmira's mother; the artist has her own brother, Alsar, and single brothers Elkhan and Elman, Elima's sister.

Interesting facts

  1. Eldana Forayz believes that her freedom and popularity among young people was the result of her complexes and internal socio-phobia. An introvert by nature, she was an outsider among her classmates.
  2. In 2016, a blogger's account was hacked, hackers deleted more than 700 publications, which had to be filmed again.
  3. She gives lectures for teenagers on sexual topics.