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Diaz Ablaev

Diaz Ablaev

Date of Birth
26.04.1986 (38),

Zodiac sign

Despite the fact that singer Diaz Ablaev was born in the family of conductor Alexander Ablaev and singer Nagima Iskalieva, he took his time on stage and, at his mother's insistence, chose a quite ordinary profession when entering KIMEP - State Administration. But the craving for music won after all.

Creative path

When the project "" was launched on Kazakh TV screens, Diaz decided for himself - I will try. Until then, he never professionally engaged in music and dropped out at the qualifying round, as in the second contest X-Factor. Everybody was surprised by his appearance, including Nagima Habdulovna, who was on the jury, that's why Diaz couldn't go any further - affiliates of the judging were forbidden to participate.

On "X Factor" Diaz met Sultana Karazhigitova and started to visit their studio with Nurlan, where he studied vocals. Without putting it off in a long box, Diaz Ablaev started to record songs quickly and immediately shoot clips on them. At the same time, he participated in "Kazakhstan Dausy 2013". During this period, he finally "finished" with his past profession.

After the release of "Incomplete", he parted with the producers and went in free-swimming and continued to compose lyrics and music to his tracks in English. Later he tried to write in Kazakh, the result being "Kosyl Bizge", "Zhanarinda" and others. A, at the festival Gakky Dausy 2017 he presented a hit by Tatti Tatti. The artist continues to work actively. Not so long ago he recorded with his mother the composition "Happiness to you".

Diaz Ablaev's concert, where he is going to perform, is selected carefully, arguing that his dance format may not be enjoyed by everyone, so it is better to know before whom you will perform.

Diaz Ablaev: Personal life

Diaz isn't married. From his words, the girl Diaz Ablaeva may look like Adriana Lima, but the character, of course, the mother - a strong spirit and know the price.

Interesting facts

  1. Collects mugs.
  2. Doesn't eat onions. Even dreamed of opening a cafe where all the dishes would be without this vegetable.
  3. Played N. Eskalieva acquainted her supposedly with his future wife African blood, and in a position. The reaction of the failed mother-in-law was calm.