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Date of Birth
02.01.2000 (24), Aktobe

Real name
Danelya Sadykova

Who by a sign of the zodiac

Dequine is a beginner Kazakh singer who pleases her admirers with guitar compositions. She has a tender and pleasant voice, which distinguishes her from her colleagues on stage.

Creative Way

Her career began in 2016 when she published her first tracks on YouTube. They received a good response from the public and collected a lot of likes. In mid-2019, Dequine released its first album, "Drunken Cherry," which immediately took the lead in the local Top TOPs. At the same time, it began to develop its Instagram account, which quickly attracted over 4000 subscribers. With the help of airs, she demonstrated the process of working on new tracks and learned to work with the audience.

Now the concert for Dequine is a rare phenomenon. The lion's share of performances takes place on digital spaces, but this is enough for her yet.

Dequine: family life

I'm not seeing anyone at the moment. Moreover, the profile in "Vkontakte" has the status "in active search".

Interesting facts

  1. Singing since I was 13.
  2. Creativity prefers to promote on the Internet, does not cooperate with any of the producers.
  3. His love for music was awakened thanks to his grandfather, who often sang Kazakh folk songs.