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Genghis Kapin

Genghis Kapin

Date of Birth
24.07.1986 (37), Skrunda, Latvia

actor, presenter.

At the sign of the zodiac

Genghis Kapin skillfully transforms into heroes so that the viewer believes every word spoken. Going on stage, he leaves behind problems, worries and skillfully dissolves in the image he created.

The creative way

In his creative environment, Genghis found himself thanks to the fact that one day as a child he mixed up his office and instead of English he got into choreography. That case was fateful and already in high school, with the support of his parents, he moved to Almaty to study at the Seleznev School of Choreography.

After his graduation, he did not go to work as a ballet dancer, but went to Moscow to enter the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography named after Seleznev. S. A. Gerasimov All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, but his attempt failed. Returning to Almaty, Kapin joined the team of the film festival "Shaken Stars", where he performed any work, helped directors. A year later he again tried his hand at VGIK and passed. After graduating, he returned to the southern capital and the first role was playing in the crowd. But nothing happens by chance, because it was there, he was noticed by Amir Karakulov, who offered to star in his film. 

And after that, Genghis Kapin played in many films and series:

  • "I'm here."
  • "The Weekly."
  • "The Price of Freedom."
  • "Cinderella Zaur" and others.

Now the talent of Kapin opened up. He plays in the "ARTISHOK" theatre and can also be seen on TV as a host of "Good Morning" and "The Voice of Kazakhstan" programmes.

Chingiz Kapin: Family Life

Unmarried, on the lookout. For several years the press has been discussing his novel with his stage colleague Aisulu Azimbaeva, but the couple broke up.


Interesting facts

  1. I like it when there are bed scenes in movies.
  2. Loves the theater.
  3. Learned the rules of poker before making "For Everything" movies.