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Bayan Imasheva

Bayan Imasheva

Date of Birth
01.03.1941 (83), Borsykai village, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign


Bayan Imasheva is an Honoured Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose creative life is connected with the Pushkin Drama Theatre. She is associated with the Auezov Drama Theatre. Her multifaceted female images are distinguished by the richness of her inner world and professional skill.

Her creative career

Education received in the theatrical studio at the Kazakh academic theatre of drama, but the first experience of acting skills was on the stage of Karaganda. In 1965 she was invited to the Auezov Drama Theatre. Some of the best roles of Bayan Imasheva were in performances:

  • "Karagoz"
  • "Guard of Honor."
  • "The Seagull."
  • "Shohan Valikhanova;
  • "Swat."
  • "Steppe Liberation."
  • "Chamber Seven."
  • "The image of the eternal boy."
  • "Kebenek kigen arular" and others.

The actress starred in the television series "Bolashak", took part in the program "Tilashar" on the channel "Yal Arn".

Family life

She was married to Anuarbek Moldabekov (1938 - 1985), People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR. Together they brought up three children: daughters Kuralay and Karlygash, son Yermek. With the future spouse, Bayan got acquainted in student years in the workshop of Azerbaijan Mambetova but did not reciprocate the courting of Moldabekov, recently expelled from the Conservatory because of a conflict with the teacher. "If you don't marry me, I'll throw myself under the tram," exclaimed a fervent young man in a fit of passion.


Interesting facts:

  1. Bride's gift - quilt - Anuarbek traded for products for the wedding feast.