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Bakhtiar Kozha

Bakhtiar Kozha

Date of Birth
05.01.1957 (67), Tashkent, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

In 2003, Bakhtiyar Kozha's merits in the field of drama were officially recognized: he was awarded the Silver Order "Kurmet". In 2009, he was awarded the honorary title of "Honored Worker of Kazakhstan".

Creative path

The path to the stage wasn't easy. To realize his dream, after receiving his secondary school diploma, he had to flee Tashkent, where his family had moved from Kyzylorda before he was born. He returned to his homeland and went to work at the local House of Culture. The young man took part in the production of plays and was himself a performer in them. In the ensemble "Express" he was appointed a compere.

The first attempt to enter the theatrical institute ended in failure. After that, he joined the ranks of the Soviet Army. After serving a full term, he again tried to pass the exams. During the audition, he was promised to tighten his native language, as he spoke with a strong Russian accent, and wanted to play in Kazakh.

During his student years, Bakhtiyar had the opportunity to become a member of the Auezov KATD troupe. However, his mother's illness forced him to devote all his free time to her. As a result, he changed several professions: he was an auto mechanic, a handyman, an accountant, and in his dreams, he saw the stage. He had to wait 10 years for a vacancy.

In the early 80's Bakhtiyar got a job in the Kazakh TUZ named after G. Musrepov, where he worked for over ten years. In the end, his patience was rewarded. In 1993 he became an actor in the drama theatre after all. During 30 years of activity, he played more than a hundred roles. On his account such literary masterpieces as "Hamlet", "Romeo and Juliet", "Sell Husband", "Marriage", "The Seagull. He has a job in the movies, too. The most famous film with Bakhtiyar Skin is a multi-part film "Gentlemen Officers" by Andrey Kravchuk.

Bakhtiar Leather: family life

The actor is married, has children and grandchildren, however, prefers not to disclose details.


Interesting facts:

  1. Bakhtiar is a good cook. His specialty is pilaf.
  2. The artist likes to perform oriental dances and waltzes.
  3. Bakhtiyar considers himself a man of his word. For him, self-discipline and honesty are important. He appreciates these qualities both in himself and in other people.