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Azat Seitmetov

Azat Seitmetov

Date of Birth
14.12.1964 (59), Almaty

Zodiac sign

Diligence and talent are the main features of a natural artist, who is Azat Seitmetov. For all his life he has won many awards and literally lives by work, constantly develops, and multiplies his acting skills.


Creative path

Azat comes from an acting family, his father Raiymbek Nogaybayevich - director and People's Artist of the KazSSR. That's why he was always attracted to the theater. Without hesitation, he entered the Almaty Theatre School of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov (now KazNAI). In 1988, immediately after graduation, he got a job at the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre named after M.O. Auezov. For some time he worked at the Auezov Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre (now KazNAI). G. Musrepov. There was a period when he decided to leave the stage, but then returned to the theater again.

In addition to performances, Azat Seitmetov plays in films. The paintings are with him:

  • "The sky of my childhood";
  • "The Road to Mother";
  • "Him and her."
  • "That one at any cost" and others.

Azat Seitmetov: family life

Married to popular actress Danagul Temirsultanova. There are children - one son and two daughters.

Interesting facts

  1. His career went up thanks to tenacity and perfection. In 2016, at the prestigious Seoul Film Festival, he was named "Actor of the Year" for his role in the series "Аke".
  2. He won the top prize at the Seoul International Drama Awards for Best Actor.
  3. He is an Honored Worker of the RK and was awarded a medal in "25 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan".