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Asylkhan Tolepov

Asylkhan Tolepov

Date of Birth
21.05.1992 (32), Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Asylkhan Tolepov - the most popular was the film "Army of a Thousand Children", after which he starred in a dozen more films.


Creative path


After his family moved to Almaty, Asylkhan went to college at KazNAI named after Temirbek Zhurgenov, faculty of "Acting Arts". His debut in cinema took place in 2011, when he received the role of Gali in the film "Sky of my childhood". Directors and producers paid attention to his game and the next offer to work had to wait a short time.

In 2015, he continued his studies at the National Academy of Arts to improve his skills. In the same period, he took part in three films at once:


  • "Racketeer 2",
  • "Maidangerler"
  • "Kadyrbek's Dream".

Asylkhan Tolepov films in which he is going to shoot carefully chosen. For example, one of the last pictures with his participation was "Tomiris", telling about the great queen, who repulsed Kira.

Asylkhan Tolepov: family life

Dated a girl named Aisulu for a long time. After months of a relationship, the couple decided to get married. After a year of living together, they had a son named Silau.

Now they're both focused on raising a child. They also often participate together in social events.



Interesting facts:


1. He is a member of the Nur Otan political party, a member of the Jas Otan youth wing.


2. In 2012 he was awarded the Order of Namys for his contribution to the development of the country and is a laureate of the Kulager, Altyn Adam and Serper prizes.


3. For all the time he has played in 11 projects, in 6 of them he played the main role.