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Askar Ilyasov

Askar Ilyasov

Date of Birth
22.02.1996 (28), Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

Askar Ilyasov is called the new face of Kazakh cinema. Despite such a short career, he has already starred in many movies and gained the love of the audience. In 2020, fans will be able to watch the feature film "Yardy" with his participation.

Creative path

Askar's parents have no connection to art, but it was his mother who started his career. She instilled in her son the love of literature, which literally became the background for his childhood.

When the boy was 3, he knocked over dishes with boiling water and went to the hospital. In the noisy ward, where there were two dozen other people, Askar, together with his mother, taught by heart the texts of Russian folk tales. To distract themselves from the oppressive environment, they built a kind of scenery from chairs and played small scenes. The future artist remembered this period of his life forever.

At the age of 13, Askar came to "Contemporary". Purpose To perform on stage at the time the teenager did not have, just, the studio was engaged in a girl he liked since kindergarten. He just wanted to spend more time with her. But gradually interest in drama arose in him.

In ninth grade, Askar realized that he wanted to "dive" into creativity. A year later he decided that he would go to Moscow to study and began to prepare diligently for admission. The effort was not in vain: the young man became a student at the B. Shchukin Theatre Institute. And he managed to beat 600 competitors and get to the budget place, which in itself is worthy of respect.

The first work of Askar - the role of the radio operator in a multi-part film "Fighters: The Last Fight. There he played with Dmitry Dyuzhev. The most significant project for him in terms of important acquaintances was "Golden Horde". On filming, he became friends with Dina Tasbulatova, Aruzhan Dzhazilbekova, and Sanzhar Madi.

Today there are 8 film roles on the young artist's account. Besides films, Askar Ilyasov realizes his talent in drama. Recently he became a member of the Moscow Satire Theater company, where he works under the direction of Alexander Shirvindt.

Interesting facts


1. Askar respects sport, especially football. His secret dream is to take part in the English Premier League match.


2. Loves the work of American director Martin Scorsese.


3. Ascar has role models: Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kirill Pirogov.