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Arlan Kasimanov

Arlan Kasimanov

Date of Birth
19.01.1985 (39), Almaty

Zodiac sign


Arlan Kasimanov is a talented Kazakh artist, known for his theatrical play and author's songs.

Creative path

He received his education at the Ekaterinburg State Theatre Institute. After that he worked on stages of different theatres of Russia: in Perm, Omsk and other cities. In Lermontov's HARTD came to replace the leading actor F. Voloshin. At first Arlan Kasimanov was worried about this circumstance, but the audience welcomed the performances with his participation. Now he is boldly trying on various images and loves to experiment, and it can be seen in:

  • "Masquerade";
  • "Dinner with a fool."
  • "A lot of noise from nothing."
  • "About mice and people."
  • "The Finist The Bright Falcon."
  • "Gigi."
  • "Black Comedy", etc.

Today, the artist is actively playing in the theater and mastering the musical direction. He dreams of reaching heights in both spheres of creative activity.

Arlan Kasimanov: family life

The young man is not spreading the word about the other half. Unconfirmed facts keep his heart occupied.

Interesting facts:

  1. Decided to become an actor in 10th grade, after watching a production of B. "Passion" by B. Preobrazhensky.
  2. Entered YeGTI after the failure in Moscow theater university. He likes to work in classical works and fairy tales.