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Alisher Karimov

Alisher Karimov

Date of Birth
28.10.1985 (38), Taraz

Zodiac sign

For the first time, she saw singer Alisher Karimova on a big stage in 2005, when he tried his hand in the second season of show. The voice, manner of performance and talent were not left unnoticed and he took 2nd place. The singer was born in Taraz, in an ordinary family, but his parents, noticing in his son's ability to music in every way contributed to their development. At the age of 5 he participated in the Republican contest "Little singer", then there were other festivals, and after school, he went to study at KazNAI named after Zhurgenov in the class of vocal to Luciya Tuleshova - Honored Artist of the RK. Despite the already existing status of an experienced artist in 2016, he entered the Faculty of Musicology" in KazNUI in the capital. After the project "" actively engaged in creative work.

He took part in the "World Performing Arts Championships 2007". (USA), "Slavic Bazaar 2011." (Belarus), "Yerevan Calls 2012." (Armenia) and "New Wave 2014" (Latvia). Thanks to this, he became recognizable and loved abroad. His work finds a huge response in the public. Alisher Karimov sings songs about love, kindness, seeking to make the world better and not only on fame. In 2015, he transferred 6 million tenges to help children in need.

Alisher Karimov always does his concerts with the soul, delighting the audience with duets of local stars and incendiary hits. And so it is not surprising that his work was marked by the state: in 2016 he was awarded the Prize of the Fund of the First President, and in 2018 he was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Kazakhstan".

Personal life

In 2017, it was not uncommon to appear in the society of Diora Romanova, the couple constantly put up joint photo instructs, but a few months later the young people parted. The singer does not spread about the new relationship.

Interesting facts

  • Alisher Karimov is an Uzbek by nationality.
  • Released 4 albums and over 10 clips.
  • In honor of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, he conducted a tour visiting all major cities of the country.