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Algonquin Ford

Algonquin Ford


Real name
Shamgon Omirbek

Algonquin Ford is a promising rapper for a new school. He's been talked about thanks to his joint track with Ja Khalib.

The Creative Way

Despite the quality tracks online, it remains a mystery what kind of person is hiding under the name Algonquin Ford. Concerts, where a beginner rapper performs, are more like big parties, and he lives in two cities: Beijing and Almaty.

The young performer was noticed by his elder comrades, and his compatriot Jah Khalib even recorded a joint track with him. It was almost by chance that they were in the same studio, and Khalib liked what Algonquin Ford was doing. Working with a big star like that is more of an exception than something that Algonquin Ford does every day because the direction he works in is much closer to underground hip-hop than to mainstream. Under most of his tracks and clips, the rapper signs that he doesn't aspire to create commercial music, but does experiment. At the same time, the quality of beats and readings of the artist at the highest level. References to the film "Clockwork Orange" and Sergei Kurekhin look very harmonious in his video.

Algonquin Ford: family life

The rapper's private life is even less known than his work. There's no information about his romantic adventures on the Internet.

Interesting facts

The pseudonym Algonquin Ford has no hidden meaning - a combination of the name of the city from the popular game GTA IV and tracks Jay-Z.
Reads rap in English.
The second nickname of the musician, under which he is registered on all social networks - Noego.