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Alexey Chumakov

Alexey Chumakov

Date of Birth
12.03.1981 (43), Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Who's on the horoscope

scriptwriter, singer, musician, writer, TV presenter.

Singer Alexey Chumakov is talented, beautiful and has a deep, memorable voice. Today Alexey tries himself in different kinds of activity: he sings, conducts TV shows, writes books, shoots and produces cinema, periodically takes off himself.

Creative way

From early childhood, Alexey was fond of music, played drums. He was only 11 when he composed and performed his 1st song. Even then it became clear that real talent was growing in the family, so the relatives tried to support him in everything. In his school years, an active and gifted boy was also not ignored: he led numerous matinees and even organized them himself.

After graduating from school, Alexey entered the College of Arts of Tyumen in vocal class, then continued his studies in Tashkent at the conducting and choral department. 2003 was marked by moving to Moscow together with his parents. They provided him with a reliable rear when he started taking part in various competitions.

The fame came after he took 3rd place in the "People's Artist" show. His career soared sharply: he appeared in various shows, conducted concerts, and shows, recorded songs. Every year Chumakov's work becomes more and more multifaceted. In addition to quite successful albums, the artist can boast of handmade clips and even a film, according to his script. Also, Alexey Chumakov, whose concert can gather hundreds of fans in an instant, writes psychological thrillers, receiving high marks from critics.

Alexey Chumakov: family life

Alexey Chumakov married to Yulia Kovalchuk, ex-soloist of the Blestyashchie group. The wedding took place in 2013. 
The couple is raising a daughter Amelia.

Interesting facts

Alexey and Julia had been dating for 5 years before their marriage, and many people did not even guess about it.
He finished his first novel in 2004, but the manuscript was destroyed by a raffled puppy. Later, his story became the basis of the movie "Mud".
Chumakov's mystical thriller entitled "In Search of Ghosts" was released in 2015. Just a few months later, the second book, "47", was published.