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Aleksandr Revva

Aleksandr Revva

Date of Birth
10.09.1974 (49), Donetsk

singer, showman, comedian.

Arthur Pirozhkov.

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Alexander Revva is a popular comedy artist who started his career in KVN and participated in a huge number of projects.

Creative path

Alexander did not connect his life with creativity in any way, despite the fact that his mother and grandfather were musicians, and in childhood, he played in theatrical circles. That's why he graduated from an industrial college and institute with a specialization in management. He worked as a car mechanic. Since 1995 he became a member of the student league of KVN ("Yellow Jackets", Donetsk), and since 2000 he has been a member of "Sunburned".

Since 2006, he has been a resident of the Comedy Club. He was the host of "You're Funny", "One in One", "Repeat", "Eagle and Tails". He participated in "Roasting", "Dancing on TNT", "Evening Urgant" and other famous TV projects.

Acted in several series and films, including "Zaitsev +1", "Rzhevsky vs. Napoleon", "3 +3". In both parts of the film "Grandma Easy" and in "Double" played the main roles. Voiced about a dozen cartoons and the same number of foreign films.

Inflammatory, funny, unusual - all this actor Alexander Revva. Concert humorist is always a bright show, and his songs "Caught", "Cry, baby", "Alcoholic", "Veronica - Chica" everyone heard.

He is one of the owners of the restaurant "Spaghetteria", and the advertising face of the cellular communication network "Beeline".

Alexander Revva: family life

The wife's name is Angelica, a couple married since 2005. Raised by two daughters, Alice and Amelie.

Interesting facts

  1. Claims that Revva's last name isn't real. It sounds right Erva, but when he moved from Estonia to Ukraine, his ancestors changed it to more sonorous.
  2. The humorist has a twin sister, Natalia.
  3. In the video "How Celentano" was filmed together with the celebrity Ornella Muti.