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Aldabek Shalbaev

Aldabek Shalbaev

Date of Birth
05.04.1957 (67), Almaty region

Zodiac sign

actor, producer

Aldabek Shalbayev is a popular Kazakh actor who started his career in 1980, performing an occasional role in the movie "The Racemakers are in a hurry".


Artistic path

At 23 years old Aldabek starred in an episode of a feature film. And only 11 years later he returned to the "blue screen", getting his full character in the movie "The Life of Alexander Nevsky. But the main character he played in the movie "Revenge", which was presented to the public in 2006. But even before that time, he appeared in films like:

  • "Ermak" (1996, Germany, Russia);
  • "Uncle, I'll Kill You..." (2001, Kazakhstan);
  • "Notes..." (2006, Kazakhstan). Became a producer;
  • "Nomad (2006, Kazakhstan).

The main roles were no longer, although the artist appeared in 12 other films, the last of which was released in 2018. ("The Broom for Five Days"). However, for the entire career, the best recognized "Road to Mother".

But what films does Aldabek Shalbaev choose himself? Preferable genres are military, drama/melodrama, historical, comedies.

Aldabek Shalbaev: family life

Prefers not to cover personal topics.

Interesting facts

  1. It is popular both in Kazakhstan and Russia.
  2. At the age of 49, Aldabek decided to go into production, having organized the shooting of the film "Notes of a Traveling Walker" (2006).
  3. Many acquaintances until recently knew the artist as Aldash, not even knowing that his real name is Aldabek.