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Alan Buribaev

Alan Buribaev

Date of Birth
30.05.1979 (45), Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Alan Buribayev is a talented Kazakh director, who is known not only for his work in "Astana Opera", but also for his performances with famous foreign orchestras.

Creative Way

Born into the family of a pianist and cellist, Alan's life has been linked to music since childhood. He studied as a violinist at the Baiseitova School of Music. In 1996, while studying the violin in Greece, Buribaev became interested in conducting and chose this specialty when he entered the Kurmangazy Republican Philharmonic. Already in 1999, he won an international competition in Zagreb, which attracted interest from European orchestras. In 2001 two more competitions were held in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Trento (Italy), where Alan Buribayev also won. A concert at the Lyon National Opera was his professional debut in Europe.

In 2002 he began working as Principal Conductor of the Astana Symphony Orchestra. Since 2006 he has toured extensively throughout Europe and has collaborated with the orchestras of Norrkoping (Sweden), Brabant (Netherlands), Dresden (Germany) and Birmingham (England) among others. He is currently a conductor of the Astana Opera.

Alan Buribaev: family life

In 2015, being a hardened workaholic and bachelor, Alan met Altynay: she worked as an interpreter with a delegation of Italian opera singers. Six months after the meeting, the conductor proposed to his beloved. The couple is raising the son of Abai.

Interesting facts

  1. He led the Astana Opera Orchestra on tour in Genoa.
  2. Alan's brother Elmar is studying to be a conductor in Milan.
  3. Polyglot - speaks Greek, English, French, and German. Kazakh learned thanks to his wife and production of the opera Abai.