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Akylbek Zhemeney

Akylbek Zhemeney

Date of Birth
18.11.1981 (42), Aktay

Zodiac sign

Akylbek Zhemeney is a Kazakh performer who wrote the legendary song "Kyzyl Oryk", which became a folk hit.

Creative Way

Akylbek comes from western Kazakhstan. In his hometown, after graduating from school, he entered the College of Arts, in the class of "zhyr-therme". He studied at Amandyk Komekov himself and was supposed to become a zhyrshi, but one day he had a chance to sing on stage and after this case thoughts about the stage did not leave him any more. Akylbek started to write music, to try himself in different genres, but the fame came to him when he presented "Kyzyl Oryk", which made his favorites millions.

Revealing his potential, Akylbek Zhenyemey started to produce songs practically one after another, and all of them found a response from the listeners. Now his repertoire includes more than 80 songs. These are "Toybastar", "Dostar", "Alga Kazakh Zhegitter" and many others. His works are distinguished by euphony, crowning tone and lightness.

In his activity Alykbek pays much attention not only to creativity, but also to image. Thus, according to the magazine "Gashyk Zhurek" he was recognized as the most stylish artist.

The concert of Akylbek Zhemeney is always held with a full house, and tickets are sold out literally in a couple of days and it is not surprising, because at each performance of A. Zhurek. The Pearls are given 100%.

Akylbek Zhemeney: family life

He prefers not to tell about his family and only occasionally shares his family's photos, posting them online to installations.

Interesting facts

  • "Kyzyl Orik" is a Kyrgyz song.
  • It was filmed in the show "Shirkin Life", where 8 stars moved to live in a village for a few days.
  • He shot a video with a Cuban singer on the hit "Kyzyl Orik".