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Aizada Satybaldieva

Aizada Satybaldieva

Date of Birth
03.10.1977 (46), Madeni village, South-Kazakhstan region

Zodiac sign

theatre and film actress, presenter.

Aizada Satylbaldieva is a name that some people have recently associated with a real miracle and a terrible accident. However, for people who have anything to do with creativity, Azada is first and foremost a beautiful and talented actress.


Creative path


Graduated from Izada Theatre and Art Institute. T. Zhurgenov (now KazNAI), and then worked at the Kuanyshbaev Music and Drama Theatre". But since 2009 she has been part of the Auezov Drama Theatre troupe. During her active work (since 1998) the artist has been performing leading roles in more than one famous production. She has also played in a number of productions:


  • "Khoja Nasreddin is still alive";
  • "Cara Camper."
  • "An Evening in the Empire."
  • "The Angel with the Devil's Face."
  • "The Great and the Thief."
  • "Karagoz", etc.

The performances of Aizada Satylbaldieva always gather full halls both in Almaty and Nur-Sultan.

In 2007, Aizada expanded the range of activities - she became one of the teachers at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. She also shoots in mini-series.

Aizada Satybaldieva: family life

Married to the poet Bakhyt Bedelhan. The couple is raising 2 children (a boy and a girl).


Interesting facts

  1. On December 29, 2018, Aizada Satybaldieva had a serious accident, which resulted in multiple contusions, fractures, and brain injury. She stayed in the intensive care unit for almost a whole week. The actress is the only one who survived. Colleagues Dinara Khomitova and Sholpan Yelgezekova died on the spot.
  2. Has a medal "25 years of independence of Kazakhstan". (2006) and holds the title of "Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan".
  3. He is a participant and multiple winner of the "Theatrical Spring" festival.