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Aisulu Azimbayeva

Aisulu Azimbayeva

Date of Birth
09.01.1988 (36), Almaty, Kazakhstan

On a sign of the zodiac

actress and TV presenter

Popular Kazakh actress Aysulu Azimbayeva from childhood was familiar with the world of cinematography: her father was not only a master of judo, stuntman but also acted in films. Nevertheless, Aisulu herself dreamed of becoming a financier.

Creative Way

As a child, Aysulu Azimbayeva spent a lot of time on ballroom and sports dancing, and the girl also visited the ballet studio. These skills later came in handy for her in the TV show "Dancing with the Stars". 

In 2004, Aisulu graduated from school and successfully entered the "American University" in Dubai. But when she got her diploma, she did not want to work in her profession and tried her hand at organizing private parties. After some time, she realized that working in advertising was not a pleasure and decided to change something again. The search for a new direction lasted two years - only in 2010 did Aysulu go to a casting of a youth series where she was given a role. After the success and "fallen" popularity in Kazakhstan, the talented artist decided that she would continue her film career.

In 2015, Aisulu will try her hand at the theatre. The first performance is "Mistress" by Razia Hasana, in which she played the main character. At the same time, she was a host in various projects, one of the last was the dance show "Bile Kazakhstan".

Aisulu Azimbayeva: life

The actress is unmarried, the relationship tries not to advertise.

Interesting facts

  1. Fond of mountaineering.

  2. She starred in a parody of the movie "Black Swan". This miniature won in London at Jameson Empire Awards 2012.
  3. She likes to dance.