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Schoolchildren Palace

Дворец школьников

Address: Astana, Momyshuly Street, 5.

Contact number: 8 (717) 270-12-71, 8 (717) 270-12-71.

Parking: ground parking for 10 cars. Free of charge. Check-in through Bauyrzhana Momyshuly Avenue.

Entrance: from the side of Bauyrzhan Momyshuly Avenue.

Canteen: a coffee shop.

Kazakhstan attaches great importance to the formation of the younger generation. In 2011 the Palace of Schoolchildren was opened in the capital of the Republic, which has become a true center of Astana children's court.

The new Astana Schoolchildren Palace has a huge number of sections and clubs. Among the cultural and entertainment facilities of the Palace one may note:

  • an observatory where visitors can learn and love the stars;
  • 3D planetarium, where you can see both our planet and its solar system neighbors;
  • a modern drama theatre with a capacity of up to 500 spectators;
  • a 300-seat concert hall that can be transformed into a dance hall;
  • there is a round hall with a capacity of 264 people for debates or forums;
  • an augmented reality museum, where every young visitor can learn more about existing professions.

Clubs and sections of the new Palace of Schoolchildren

In total, the building has 20 budget and 100 paid clubs and sections. They cover all kinds of sports, scientific, linguistic and other activities. Here you can also try yourself in folk art, concert activities and many other creative areas of human activity.

The new Palace of Schoolchildren

Новый Дворец школьников

At paid clubs, students can learn the first skills of their future profession. For example, they can try themselves in journalism, fashion or acting. This way, when they graduate from school, young people will already know what they want to become in the future, rather than looking for themselves.

The cost of paid circles makes from 3000 to 25000 tenge for a month of training.