Кармен «Astana Opera»
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Address: Abay st.

Contact number: 8 7232 76 65 08, 8 7232 76 62 50.

Bus stop: Palace of Sports station.

Distance from the station: 280 meters.

Entrance: ground parking in front of the Sports Palace for 50 cars. Free of charge.

Boris Alexandrov Sports Palace is the main sports ground of Ust-Kamenogorsk. It was opened in 1968 and has always been the hockey heart of eastern Kazakhstan since then.

The Palace is located on the bank of the Ulba River, in the very center of the city and has undergone several reconstructions, resulting in a complete change of its appearance and partially internal premises. For the first time it was built using a 64-meter rod system - a farm, and it was the first sports facility in the USSR, which together with the main site was immediately built ice training field.

After the reconstruction carried out in 2001, its capacity was reduced. Originally, the ice palace could accommodate 5200 spectators, and then - 4400. During the renovation works in 2011-2012, a new facade in the form of a goalie's helmet was created, and a hockey monument and a large LED screen were erected near the building itself. In 2016, new work began on modernizing the sports complex. It was decided to enlarge its area with additional extensions, namely to expand the foyer and the eastern part of the ice arena. In the future, the changes will affect the stands (the number of seats will be increased to 5500), lighting and sound equipment.

All these grandiose changes have been started in order to bring the Boris Alexandrov Palace in line with international standards and to get the opportunity to hold KHL games in its arena.

Ice Hockey Club Torpedo or the main passion of Ustkamenogorsk citizens

Hockey is the dominant sport in this city. Formed in 1955, the Torpedo team literally torpedoed the championship of the Kazakh SSR on ice hockey in 1957, immediately winning silver. After that began the long and loud glory of this team. And after almost 10 years, especially for her was built an ice palace.

Pupils of Ustkamenogorsk hockey player and play in the national team of Kazakhstan, in Russian teams and even in the NHL.

Having survived hard times of perestroika and decline in the 90s, both the team and the palace were destined to revive thanks to the efforts of Kazzinc, the city akimat, and enthusiastic professionals. Since the 2000s, the renovated sports complex has been fully operational, the national championships are held within its walls, and the team plays in the highest hockey league.