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My Love, My Bride

Production: South Korea, 2015
Director: Lim Chan Sang
Actors: Shin Min Ah, Cho Jung Seok, Yoo Ha-Joon, Kang Joon, Yun Jung Hee, RA Mi Ran, Lee Si Young, BAE Sleep, To Drink Kyu, Jong Mo Sleep, With Tyres E
Duration: 111 min.
Genre: romance, Comedy, romance

Young-min and Mi-young are a young couple who get married after graduating from college. Following the honeymoon period, they begin to bicker with each other. While waiting for her husband at a café one day, Mi-young bumps into her ex-boss. Young-min sees this and gets the wrong idea. As they struggle to make their marriage work, Young-min and Mi-young gradually understand what love really is.