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Halyk Arena

Address: Almaty, Kulgin road 2d.

Contact number: 8 (727) 390 68 00, 8 (727) 315–70–07.

Entrance: from the side of the Kulgin road and from the side of the Talgar road.

Parking: from the side of Kuldzhinskiy road and from the side of Talgarskiy road. Parking for visitors is free of charge.

Canteen: a bistro.

Халык Арена

This new sports complex, designed for winter sports, was built specifically for the Universiade 2017 and is located at the entrance to Almaty. Built in the form of two yurts, small and large interconnected, it fully reflects the national flavor of our country and is considered to be another decoration of the southern capital.

Мраморный парадный холл в Халык Арене

Its total area is more than 20,000 square meters and the capacity of almost 3500 seats. The buildings themselves are built of gas blocks, plasterboard, and various metal structures, and outside are decorated with double-glazed windows, which at night unfold beautiful light shows. The marble front hall in the main arena is equipped with a modern automatic pass system providing maximum safety.

Хоккейная площадка

In order to ensure that the arena fully complies with international standards, European equipment for sports facilities with automatic fixation of heads and cameras for analyzing game moments was installed here.

Both arenas are equipped with locker rooms, massage and medical rooms, shower cabins, and an electric skate and glove drying rack. Before the facility was commissioned, it was thoroughly checked by the International University Sports Federation and tested in a match between young hockey players from all over Kazakhstan.

Although Halyk Arena is the main hockey arena of the country, it is easily transformed and becomes suitable for volleyball and basketball tournaments.