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Расписание кинотеатра Синемакс Шымкент

Symphony Music Concert Der Ring des Nibelungen

Dear guests!

Age limit for performances in the Main Hall: 10+, for concerts in the Chamber Hall: 7+

We remind you that people over 65 years old are temporarily restricted to visit the theatre.

(In accordance with the Decree “On restrictive and quarantine measures in the city of Nur-Sultan” dated 02.02.2021 No. 5, clause 1.5. signed by the Chief State Sanitary Doctor Beisenova S.S.)

We also ask you to maintain social distancing and wear masks during the interval.



2020 / 2021           Main Hall            the 8th Season

22 May * Saturday * 5.00 pm

Symphony Music Concert

Richard Wagner

Der Ring des Nibelungen

Symphonic Legends

The Astana Opera House presents a concert by maestro Alan Buribayev, in which the orchestra of the main theatre of Kazakhstan will perform for the first time the famous symphonic scenes from the cult tetralogy of Richard Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen. The programme of maestro Buribayev has been repeatedly performed by him in concert halls in Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, and today it will be presented for the first time on the stage of the Astana Opera House.

The concert narrates about ancient Germanic and Scandinavian legends and myths: the fearless hero Siegfried, the giants who built Valhalla, the intrigues of the gods Wotan (Odin) and Loge (Loki), the cruel dragon Fafner, the cunning Nibelung dwarf Alberich, who will come to life in the phenomenal music of the great Richard Wagner, the composer who changed the course of history and the evolution of music and influenced the most diverse spheres of life: from the works of Friedrich Nietzsche to modern cinema.

In the course of the concert, listeners will immerse themselves in the intricacies of this fascinating saga and hear the brightest symphonic fragments from all four operas that make up the famous tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen, performed by the Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra.




1. “The Entry of the Gods into Valhalla” from Das Rheingold

2.  “The Ride of the Valkyries” from Die Walküre

3. “Wotan’s Farewell and Magic Fire” from Die Walküre

4. “Forest Murmurs” from Siegfried

5. “Siegfried's Rhine Journey” from Götterdämmerung

6.  “Siegfried’s Funeral March” from Götterdämmerung

7.  Finale from Götterdämmerung



The Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Alan BURIBAYEV, Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes


 Management reserves the right to substitute performers and works performed


Dear guests!

In connection with the participation of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre “Astana Opera” in the pilot project Ashyq, we ask you to come to the performances in advance.

Please install the Ashyq application on your mobile device prior to visiting the Theatre.


1. Download and install the Ashyq application on your mobile device (App Store for iPhone, Google Play for Android).

2. Fill in your phone number and IIN.

3. When entering the Theatre, you have to select the ENTRANCE registration and scan the QR-code (ENTRANCE).

4. The system will determine the status of a visitor, which must be shown to the Theatre employee at the entrance.


Blue and Green – there are no restrictions on visiting our Theatre

Yellow – limited access to our Theatre, as they are exposed persons to COVID-19

Red – strictly limited access to our Theatre, as they must be on self-isolation or outpatient treatment.

If the visitor has a “red” or “yellow” status, then the visitor is not allowed into the Theatre and, before the start of the performance, he/she returns the purchased tickets if there is a screenshot of the status.

To date, an algorithm has been developed for the actions of officials of the disease control and the internal affairs bodies when revealing the facts of violation of self-isolation by infected persons.

This algorithm was approved by the Interdepartmental Commission on 7 December 2020. Administrative liability is envisaged for such persons in the form of a fine.

5. If the visitor does not have the opportunity to independently check the status, then this procedure can be carried out by the Theatre employee using the “guard” mode – through the mechanical input of the IIN into the database with the consent of the visitor.

We sincerely hope for your understanding!