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Next Goal Wins

Следующий гол — победный (2023)Year of release: 2023


Country of manufacture: UK, USA

Director: Taika Waititi

Main actors: Michael Fassbender, Elisabeth Moss, Will Arnett, Reese Darby

Genre: Drama/Comedy/Sports

Duration: 97 minutes

Age limit: 13+

Premiere date: April 21, 2023


The sports drama «The Next Goal is victorious» tells about the life of a young football talent Josh Martinez, who, after moving to a new city and entering a new school, must prove his abilities and break into the school team. He faces obstacles on his way, but eventually finds friends and support in the football-passionate community. 

The main character joins the school team and as a result of his efforts, talent and perseverance on the field leads it to the championship in the main match with the main rival. The film delights with its sincerity, emotionality and predictable plot, which will decorate an exemplary movie for all fans of sports dramas. 

«The Next Goal is Victorious» is a film about how perseverance, talent and self-belief ultimately lead to victory, and friendship and support lead to self-realization and personal growth.