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The State Academic Kazakh Musical Drama Theatre named after K. Kuanyshbaev

Address: Omarova Street 47B.

Contact number: 8 (7172) 32 36 24, 8 (7172) 32-35-12.

Bus stop: City polyclinic № 1 station.

Distance from the station: 250 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Omarova street.

Parking: ground parking for 15 cars on the left side of the theatre. It is free of charge. Check-in from the side of the street Omarova.

The State Academic Kazakh Musical Drama Theatre named after K. Kuanyshbaev joined the ranks of its fellow artists on November 15, 1991. The first theatrical season opened with the production of G. Musrepov's play "Akan Seri - Aktokta" by a talented director J. Omarov.

The repertoire of the Kuanyshbaev Theatre

Along with the traditional classical works of M. Binoru "Diseases"; J. M. Chevre "Formula of happiness"; U. Binoru. Shakespeare's "Hamlet", J. Patrick's "Dear Pamela", A. Tsagareli's "Gamarjoba", I. Strauss's "Flying Mouse"; the theatre's repertoire includes plays by our contemporaries.


  • M. Auezov "Karagoz", "Abai", "Ayman - Sholpan";
  • Sh. Aitmatov "And a day lasts longer than a century", "White Parachute",
  • T.Akhtanov "Күшік күйеу", S.Turgynbekuly "Mukagali".
  • A.Dudarev "Evening",
  • B. Uzakov "Jandahua",
  • E. Hushwatts "Red Apple",
  • Е. Jouasbek, "Marriage", "For You", "Antivirus", "Deep Roots";
  • К. K. Zhunusov "Melodrama about love";
  • Т. T. Giugenoglu "Avalanche";
  • D. Ramazan, "The Kenesars -Күнімжан"; M. Frisch, "Don Juan";

Theatre tickets

The full poster of the Kuanyshbaev Music and Drama Theatre is available on the Ticketon website. Here you can also buy tickets to the theater online. This type of purchase is convenient because you do not have to waste your time on the road and queue at the box office. A wide range of payment methods also simplifies the purchase.

Electronic ticket rules: To enter the theatre, it is advisable to print out an electronic ticket and show it at the entrance, but you can also show a QR code from the mobile device screen and get your entrance ticket.