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Poster of theaters of Nur-Sultan (Astana) and tickets online

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Ләйлі-Мәжнүн Ләйлі-Мәжнүн
, от 1 000 тг. Ләйлі-Мәжнүн K. Kuanyshbayev State Drama ...
I don't want to sleep I don't want to sleep
, от 3 000 тг. I don't want to sleep K. Kuanyshbayev State Drama ...
Әзім әңгімесі Әзім әңгімесі
, от 1 000 тг. Әзім әңгімесі State Dance Theater "Naz"
Дюймовочка Дюймовочка
, от 1 000 тг. Дюймовочка Nur-Sultan Puppet Theatre
«The Taming of the Shrew» «The Taming of the Shrew»
, от 1 200 тг. «The Taming of the Shrew» Zhastar Theatre
Братья Гримм Братья Гримм
, от 1 000 тг. Братья Гримм The drama theatre. Gorky ...
“Under the Sign of Béla Bartók” “Under the Sign of Béla Bartók”
, 2000 тг. “Under the Sign of Béla Bartók” Astana Opera
Құнанбай Құнанбай
, от 1 000 тг. Құнанбай K. Kuanyshbayev State Drama ...
Комедия «№13» Комедия «№13»
, От 2 000 тг. Комедия «№13» Central Concert Hall ...
Romeo - Juliet Romeo - Juliet
, от 500 тг. Romeo - Juliet Nomad City Hall
Светлые думы Светлые думы
, от 1 000 тг. Светлые думы The drama theatre. Gorky ...
Жұбайлар жұмбағы Жұбайлар жұмбағы
, от 2 500 тг. Жұбайлар жұмбағы K. Kuanyshbayev State Drama ...
Gogol. St. Petersburg Gogol. St. Petersburg
, от 1 000 тг. Gogol. St. Petersburg Musical Theater of Young ...
Musical Diversity of Voices Musical Diversity of Voices
, от 500 тг. Musical Diversity of Voices Astana Opera
Тұйғындар Тұйғындар
, от 1 000 тг. Тұйғындар State Dance Theater "Naz"
Сені сағындым... Сені сағындым...
, от 500 тг. Сені сағындым... Nomad City Hall
Танц-перформанс «COVID-19» Танц-перформанс «COVID-19»
, от 3 000 тг. Танц-перформанс «COVID-19» Astana Musical
, от 1 200 тг. FOUND. FELT IN LOVE. LOST. Zhastar Theatre
Мюзикл «Король Лев» Мюзикл «Король Лев»
, от 1 000 тг. Мюзикл «Король Лев» Nur-Sultan Puppet Theatre
Турандот Турандот
, от 3 000 тг. Турандот Nomad City Hall
Tal Besikten Zher Besikke Deyin Tal Besikten Zher Besikke Deyin
, от 500 тг. Tal Besikten Zher Besikke Deyin Astana Opera
La Traviata La Traviata
, 5000 тг. La Traviata Astana Opera
Необыкновенный концерт Необыкновенный концерт
, от 3 000 тг. Необыкновенный концерт Nomad City Hall
Kyui – Gumyrym, Ustazdyk – Tugyrym Kyui – Gumyrym, Ustazdyk – ...
, от 500 тг. Kyui – Gumyrym, Ustazdyk – ... Astana Opera
Abay Abay
, 4 000 тг. Abay Astana Opera
Айман-Шолпан Айман-Шолпан
, от 2 500 тг. Айман-Шолпан K. Kuanyshbayev State Drama ...
 “Evenings of Vocal Music” “Evenings of Vocal Music”
, от 500 тг. “Evenings of Vocal Music” Astana Opera
Хан кегі. Гастроли театра Жантурина Хан кегі. Гастроли театра ...
, от 1 500 тг. Хан кегі. Гастроли театра ... Zhastar Theatre
An Evening of Vocal and Instrumental Music Serata d`autunno  (Autumn Evening) An Evening of Vocal and ...
, от 500 тг. An Evening of Vocal and ... Astana Opera
Бернарда Альбаның үйі. Гастроли театра Жантурина Бернарда Альбаның үйі. Гастроли ...
, от 1 500 тг. Бернарда Альбаның үйі. Гастроли ... Zhastar Theatre
Дикие истории 16+. Гастроли театра Жантурина Дикие истории 16+. Гастроли ...
, от 1 500 тг. Дикие истории 16+. Гастроли ... Zhastar Theatre
Әлиханның аманаты Әлиханның аманаты
, от 1 500 тг. Әлиханның аманаты Zhastar Theatre
Il matrimonio segreto Il matrimonio segreto
, от 500 тг. Il matrimonio segreto Astana Opera
La Musique Romantique La Musique Romantique
, от 500 тг. La Musique Romantique Astana Opera
The Consonance of Three Centuries The Consonance of Three ...
, от 500 тг. The Consonance of Three ... Astana Opera
«Белоснежка и семь гномов» (AstanaOpera) «Белоснежка и семь гномов» ...
, от 500 тг. «Белоснежка и семь гномов» ... Astana Opera
The Magic of Two Pianos The Magic of Two Pianos
, от 500 тг. The Magic of Two Pianos Astana Opera
Chamber Music Stars Chamber Music Stars
, от 500 тг. Chamber Music Stars Astana Opera
For You, My Kazakhstan! For You, My Kazakhstan!
, от 500 тг. For You, My Kazakhstan! Astana Opera
A Quartet with a Pianist A Quartet with a Pianist
, от 500 тг. A Quartet with a Pianist Astana Opera
Признание в Нур-Султане Признание в Нур-Султане
, от 13 000 тг. Признание в Нур-Султане “KazMedia” cinema concert ...

The most up-to-date poster of Nur-Sultan (Astana) theaters is offered to the audience at It will introduce you to the upcoming and current productions of classical plays and contemporary works.

Are you an avid theatergoer? Don't you miss any high-profile premieres? Would you like to keep up to date with the country's cultural events? Evaluate the convenient and affordable theater schedule with the possibility of pre-ordering tickets on our portal!

Best performances in Nur-Sultan for guests and residents of the city

The modern repertoire of Astana theaters includes such directions of this art form as:

  • Opera and ballet;
  • musical drama;
  • classic productions;
  • plays in the art Nouveau style.

You can order tickets online to one of the national city theaters or the famous Congress Hall on our website. A comfortable service will allow each visitor to choose the optimal position to view the exciting action taking place on the stage of one of the many halls of the capital.

How do I buy tickets to the Nur Sultan theater in advance?
The repertoire of theaters in Nur-Sultan is extremely rich in various types of performance and genres of dramatic art. The "ticket" website allows you to pay for seats for a performance that you would like to watch right now.

To buy theater tickets via Internet banking, QIWI wallet, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa or American Express cards, as well as via Cyberplat, Kassa24 and QIWI terminals, just go to the page with the announcement of the event you like. Here you can place your order with one click. It remains to present the code from the SMS at the checkout and get ready to enjoy the game of the best actors from all over the world on the capital's stage!

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