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Chaplin Khan Shatyr

Address: Turan Avenue,37. Khan Shatyr Shopping Mall, 2nd floor.

Contact number: 8 (747) 1742508.

Bus stop: Shopping and entertainment center Khan Shatyr station.

Distance from the station: 250 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Turan Avenue.

Parking: ground parking on the right and left side of the shopping center for 500 cars. It is free of charge. Entrance through Avenue Turan.

Canteen: food-court.

The opening of the cinema in the Khan Shatyr shopping and entertainment center was a joyful event for many residents of the capital. Now spending their leisure time here, they can visit one of the cinemas of Chaplin Cinemas chain.

About the Chaplin Khan Shatyr Cinema.

It works in standard mode for this cinema network: from 10.00 to 02.00. At the disposal of visitors 6 halls, the number of seats: in 1 hall - 74 seats, 2-5 halls for 80 seats and 6 halls (VIP) - 24 seats.

3D glasses for watching movies in RealD format are purchased separately. The cost of adults and children's 3D glasses - 150 tenge, clip-on glasses with dioptres costs 450 tenges. The glasses are the property of the guest and can be reused.

Ticket reservation is not provided.

The equipment for Chaplin Khan Shatyr in Astana was selected taking into account the size of cinemas and the specifics of the premises. It meets the main requirements of cinema display technologies. Modern digital equipment installed in each projection room guarantees high-quality film playback. The advantage of such movie projectors is their performance characteristics. After even 20 thousand hours of operation, the image remains as clear and there are no foreign stains or flickering on the screen.