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Raim and Arthur

Raim and Arthur

Date of Birth
19.09.2019 (4),

rap duet

"Breakthrough of the year 2018", "Internet Choice", 25 million views on Youtube clip for the song "The Most Tower". Raim & Arthur is a rap duo that simply "blew up" the national music scene in 2018.

Young people have always been fond of rap, but everyone in their direction heard about each other's work (they worked in the same recording studio) but did not intersect. And when they got to know each other alive, in half an hour they were holding the first common song "The Most Tower". It immediately, like a virus, spread on the Internet gaining millions of likes. They were spotted by Nurtas Adambay and their single became the soundtrack to his film "I'm the Broom".

This was followed by performances at various open-air shows, concerts, and corporate parties. Songs by Raim & Arthur are sound and with touching lyrics, they are immediately memorable for their melody and rhythm. The duo is periodically compared to Miyagi & Endgame, but the guys are not offended, believing that comparison with such "masters", on the contrary, speaks about their high level.

Young guys are determined to develop their careers. After "The Most Tower" they released "The Best" and continue to work on new hits.

Personal life: Raim & Arthur

Raimbek Baktygereev is often noticed in company with Yerke Esmakhan, but a couple of his relations do not confirm it. When asked about his private life, Arthur Davletyarov prefers to joke, answering that for the time being he has enough public.