Концерт симфонического оркестра «Гарри Поттер и Пираты Карибского моря»

The Elder Son

Two guys were walking out in the suburbs and missed the last. They are chilled and hungry, but no one wants to let them in to get warm. Overheard conversation of the strangers have prompted a brilliant move. The reward for resourcefulness is the acquisition of the family. Immoral, it would seem, joke turned the life of Volodya Busygin. And not only his life ...
Scenic longevity of Alexander Vampilov's play is due to the fact that it is about time and out of time. We live in an era of consumption; when values ​​have shifted, it is difficult to distinguish between sincerity and falsehood, vice from virtue. The gap lies between the generations. But each of us, sooner or later, will have to answer the main, eternal question: can a person remain human? Are we able to hear each other, to understand, to forgive?
"I'm attracted to Vampilov's heroes by the spiritual purity," says producer Dmitry Skirta, "I hope our performance will melt the hearts that have been petrified in endless battles for survival under the sun."