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Premiere of the one-act ballet Salome

16-17 February.

The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death

The ballet produced by Mukaram Avahri, the Chief Producer of Astana Ballet Theatre is a choreographic version of the well-known biblical story about Salome, the stepdaughter of the Judaic King Herod Antipas, who seduce the king, performing the Dance of Seven Veils and in as a reward for her dance asked for the Prophet's head.

The image of Salome excited many artists, poets and writers. Her name became, to some extent, household. Up to day her fate makes people think about the deep passions living in the human heart.

Salome - is a play – thoughts on what is the boundary between evil and good, what motivates the deep gusts of people, why does a person do so and not otherwise?

The plot of the ballet Salome is based on a play by Oscar Wilde. According to Wilde's version, the reason of the tragedy is that John rejected the love of Salome. The insulted young princess demands from the stepfather to execute John and give her the prophet's head on a silver dish not then to surrender to revenge and amuse wounded vanity but to merge in a kiss with desirable lips, even though the price of this kiss is a death of a loved one.

Ballet Salome amazes by the bright, expressive dance, unusual plastique in the style of Orientalism, the original solution in the concept of all artistic design.

Composer – Fazil Say

Stage and Set Designer – Olga Shaishmelashvili

Lightning Designer – Denis Solntsev