Гастроли «Астана Опера» в Алматы


Straight down the Tole Bi str.The Tole Bi street stitches the center of Almaty right through - from the bedroom community to the golden square. This familiar direction is chosen by each of the characters in the production, but what do they achieve in the end? The plot lines of the play interweave, similarly with urban intersections, writing a new history of the best city of the Earth!

The performance includes: Anastasia Tarassova, Chingiz Kapin, Victoria Mukhamedzhanova, Dmitry Kopylov, Sergei Lyssenko (Theater "D Place", Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), and the Barry band.

Director of the play: Galina Pyanova.

Artist: Anton Bolkunov.

Sound: Yaroslav Korchevsky

Light: Ilya Nikitinsky

Duration of the performance: 2 hours without intermission.