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Russian Drama Theatre. MY Lermontov

The Rainmaker

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A life without love is like a soil without moisture. Their souls dried up along with the dying crops. How to live, why live, if you know for sure that tomorrow will be like two drops of water like the yesterday? But one day the man with a pipe will appear, and at the single moment he will change the world view of the inhabitants of a small farm. Who is he, the rainmaker with the rain for $ 46 – the crazy scoundrel, the cynical businessman, speculating on human weaknesses? Or the good wizard who knows that "everyone can cause rain, if he has a big heart"?

The most famous play by American playwright Richard Nash makes millions of people cry and laugh with happiness. After all, it is about faith in an ordinary miracle, which almost dead in the pragmatic age of the triumph of high technology over high truths.

The produucer Vladimir Molchanov, like the hero of the play Bill Starbuck, is convinced: "The world belongs to those who see it."