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New Year's adventures of a Rabbit in a fairyland

Новогодние приключения Кролика в сказочной странеVenue: La Bohême Theater, 24 Zenkova, (28 Panfilovtsev Park, House of Officers, central arch, Pavilion 2, 2nd floor)

Duration: 45 minutes

Age limit: up to 10 years








In our New Year's tale, you will meet the cheerful Mirima and her friend Rabbit, who are preparing a kind surprise for Santa Claus.  And also with a capricious and flighty queen of a fairyland named Tintalle. She's used to doing whatever she wants and that's why... however, you will find out everything when you come to our holiday! 
The main characters really need the help of the guys, because courage, resourcefulness and friendship will definitely help to overcome any obstacles so that everyone can have fun celebrating the New Year together.
Come in festive costumes to our theater for the "New Year's Adventures of a Rabbit in a fairyland", we will have fun!
And at the end of the performance you will find a cheerful sparkling disco, photos with heroes and a wonderful GIFT from Santa Claus to every child.
The duration of the performance is 45 minutes
The theater has a small cozy hall and a warm atmosphere. The maximum number of spectators at the performance is 50 people, and in case of an unforeseen cancellation of the performance, we guarantee a refund for the ticket.