Music d’accordo Astana

2019 / 2020               Chamber Hall                       the 7th Season

28 November * Thursday * 7.00 pm



Musica d’accordo Astana

The genre of chamber music in Kazakhstan is inextricably linked with the name of the remarkable musician – pianist, professor Vyacheslav Uzbekov. He performed not only as a solo performing musician, but also in various ensembles. Being an excellent teacher, he devoted his selfless talent to novice musicians – students and undergraduates of the Kazakh National University of Arts.

The idea of creating a chamber ensemble Musica d’accordo Astana at the State Philharmonic of Astana was strongly supported by many musicians, including the conductor of the Chamber Orchestra, a colleague Bakhytzhan Mussakhajaeva. She offered the name for the ensemble.

The chamber ensemble consists of Vyacheslav Uzbekov’s students, who with deep understanding perform music of different directions and styles. One of them, the talented violinist Eugene De, specially comes to participate in the concert from the USA, where he has been living and successfully working in recent years. At present, a new generation of Kazakhstani musicians continues the work begun by Vyacheslav Uzbekov – the highest professional who was loved, respected and appreciated by colleagues and grateful listeners.



The Trout Quintet (Forellenquintett) in A Major, Op. 114 by Franz Schubert

The Fantasy Pieces for Oboe and Piano, Op.73 by Robert Schumann

The Trio for oboe, bassoon, and piano, Part 1 by Jean Françaix

The Sonata for Flute and Piano in A Major, Op.13, Part 1 by Gabriel Fauré

The Sonata for Violin and Piano in E Minor, Op. 82 by Edward Elgar

The Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major, Part 3 by César Franck

The Sonata for Double Bass and Piano No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 6, Part 2 by Adolf Mišek




Eugene De (violin, the USA)

Nigmetulla Karimov (viola)

Bakhytzhan Zhanturganov (cello)

Batyrkhan Khasenov (double bass)

Alexander Taraskin (flute)

Damilya Makhpirova (oboe)

Asset Neldybayev (bassoon)

Gulzhanat Zhanatayeva (piano)

Saltanat Akbasova (piano)

Ilyas Uzbekov (piano)


Running time – 1 hour 30 minutes


Management reserves the right to substitute artists and works performed