The performance "Bench" in Almaty

Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova on a Bench in Almaty

Romantic Comedy. Charming romance of the eighties. He and She find each other in the Park and bring on stage the most alive, the most fertile of themes – Love.

They're not perfect. Ordinary people with ordinary problems.

They experience a rich range of feelings - from contempt to tenderness, from suffering to pleasure…

"Bench" delivered in 30 countries. The play became a significant event of the season, was nominated for the main theater award "Golden Mask", awarded the Moscow prize "Crystal Turandot" and the Grand Prix of the Russian art festival in Nice.

"Bench" - warm story, created by playwright Alexander Gelman. The production is a story about a man and a woman who went through a difficult path and opened to each other. Initially, the genre of the play is designated as a Comedy. But it has romance, intrigue, and a rich range of feelings.

“I dedicate this performance to my parents, who, unfortunately, are not alive. Every time when I go on stage, I think about those who gave me life. The bench is not about them, my mom and dad lived a happy life together. But this performance is about their time, their era, the great USSR,” - says the play Gosha Kutsenko.

Involved in the performance:

Irina Apeksimova is an actress of theater and cinema. Among the most successful works of the actress: "Northern lights", "Cage", "Blind 2", "Executioner", "Prescription of happiness", "Contrary to common sense", "Antisniper", "Game of truth", etc.

Gosha Kutsenko-Honored artist of Russia. Received wide acclaim thanks to roles in the films "Mama,do not cry", "Antikiller", "What's going on with me," "Love-carrots" "the Savages," "Daring days", "Kings can do Everything", "Practice of beauty", "Courier from heaven", "The diamond arm-2", "Yolki-3" and others.