Премьера балета

The Seaull

The plot for a short story that as long as universe.

A. P. Chekhov himself began his “Seagull” with the intension to write "something strange: a lot of talk about literature, little action, five poods of love ..." The play was so multi-layered and polysemantic  that seems like there is an endless corridor of meanings and symbols appearing behind each new “open door”. In the world of Chekhov there are no obvious contrasts ("a friend - a stranger", "good - bad"), but  a palette of shades which let us if not justify, at least rationalize the motives and actions of the heroes. Our souls are lot like seagulls: first they soar into the sky at the high energies of love, then they break about the gound because of an accidental shot of an indifferent passer-by ...