Абай - Тоғжан. Астана қаласы әкімдігінің музыкалық жас көрермен театры Атырауда!

Абай - Тоғжан. Астана қаласы әкімдігінің музыкалық жас көрермен театры Атырауда!

Venue: Atyrau, named after M. Utemisuly. Atyrau region. Academic Drama Theater

Author of the play: Mukhtar Auezov, author of the film Miras Abil

Premiere date: December 14, 2020

Director: Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Askhat Maemirov

Genre: musical drama

Duration: 1 h. 20 min.

Age limit: no


The creative spirit in the existence of unique personalities in the history of mankind dates back to childhood. The musical drama "Abay-Togzhan", which affects the knowledge of the world, the soul and the formation of the spiritual essence of the younger generation, became the basis of the young period of Abay's life.

The first love of the young Abay, the first song Born in his chest, becomes a melodic song and puts the inner emotions in a turbulent state. In addition to the love of Abai for humanity, Abai's love for humanity grew into a passion for life. The lessons of kunanbaydai father, the example of Ulzhaydai mother, the mystery of the environment, the beauty of love, the value of friends and brothers give the young viewer spiritual pleasure and contribute to the formation of an artistic vision of his mind. In the performance, the values of our nation are raised to the heights of the stage. Folk consciousness, National Education, traditions of ancestors, ulagat of the Great Steppe pass through the filter of the soul of lover Abai and lead the young artist to the concepts of "you love your heart, you burn". The world of the young Abay is telling the viewer that "the language of a lover is a language without a tongue".


Abay-Ayan Utepbergen, winner of the State Youth Award" Daryn"

Aman Gumarov
Dinislam Nurmaganbetov
Didar Tolegen

Togzhan-Arelana Amangeldieva
Diana Askar
Zhansulu Tulegenova

Kunanbay-Berik Aitzhanov,
Honored Worker of Kazakhstan
Altynbek Amankulov
Rasul Usmanov

Ulzhan-Samal Yeslyamova,
Winner of the 71st Cannes International Film Festival,
Honored Worker of Kazakhstan

Guldana Abdysadyk

Ospan-Asylkhan Tulepov,
Winner of the State Youth Award" Daryn"
Zhasulan Abdrakhman